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NZ and Korea complete Free Trade Agreement
Successful conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between Korea and New Zealand has been announced by Prime Minister John Key and President Park Guen-hye at the G20 Leaders' meeting in Brisba…
11-17 4202
[기획]목초소고기·과일시럽 등 안전·청정 식…
뉴질랜드는 안전하고 청정한 최상급 식음료를 전 세계 소비자들에게 공급해왔으며 이번 부산 행사는 이들 제품의 매력을 직접 경험할 수 있는 기회가 될 것입…
06-12 5144
The Kiwi Chamber to host Wine Festival
Kiwi Chamber to host wine festival loading 음성듣기 The Kiwi Chamber will host a "Kiwi Wine Festival" featuring a selection of premium New Zealand red and white wines from 28 participating wineries in …
05-20 5087
Lydia Ko, was on Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100…
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP) ― Except for a major that lacked drama in the final hour, rarely has the entire month of April delivered so much excitement. Some of the biggest names and brightest stars won al…
05-02 4962
Lydia Ko goes professional
Sixteen year-old golfer Lydia Ko(World No.4 on the World Rankings and has been the World No.1 amateur) has today made a 'monumental decision' to become a professional. New Zealand's top ranked female player ma…
10-23 5820
New Zealand Inc’s award winning BIFCOM presence
Amongst the glitz and glamour of the Busan International Film Festival last week, NZTE and Film New Zealand had their sleeves rolled up at the 13th annual BIFCOM (Busan International Film Commission and Industr…
10-23 4383
Fostering innovative SMEs for a creative economy
서울 여의도 중소기업중앙회에서 9월 12일 개최된 "혁신적인 중소기업 육성을 통한 창조경제 활성화 방안" 정책 토론회에서 스티븐 조이스 경제개발장관은 뉴…
09-17 4134
Kiwi bikers roar across Korean border
Five motorcyclists from New Zealand have made a rare crossing of the world's most militarised border as part of a ride for peace from the top of North Korea at Mount Baekdu to the South Korean island of Jeju. …
09-17 3785
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key giving a speech
New Zealand Primie Minister John Key is speaking at a forum hosted by New Zealand Chamber of Commerce at Seoul Grand Hyatt on July 29. 연설하는 존 키 뉴질랜드 총리 (서울=연합뉴스) 존 키 뉴…
08-02 3671
Melisa Lee visited Korea with John Key Prime Minister
한국영화·김치 앞세워 뉴질랜드에 한류 전파 뉴질랜드 총리와 함께 고국 찾은 한국계 멜리사 리 국회의원 뉴질랜드 의원될때 "자랑스럽다" 朴대통령 격려…
08-02 3583
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key giving a speech
연설하는 존 키 뉴질랜드 총리 (서울=연합뉴스) 존 키 뉴질랜드 총리가 29일 서울 한남동 그랜드 하얏트에서 열린 주한 뉴질랜드 상공 회의소 주최 오찬 간담회…
08-02 3462
Festival introduces NZ wine, food
The 5th Kiwi Chamber New Zealand Wine Festival got off to a great start at the picturesque Waterfall Garden of the Grand Hyatt Seoul on May 18 with guests numbering over 450 people in attendance. With entert…
05-29 3714
NZ wine festival due in Seoul & Busan
The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea, known as Kiwi Chamber, will host two New Zealand wine festival events this month in Seoul and Busan. The festival will be the fifth of its kind in Seoul and the fir…
05-29 3387
New Zealand and Korea aim for School qualifications reconiti
뉴질랜드국가자격청(New Zealand Qualifications Authority)은 5월 7일부터 10일까지 방한하여, 양국 고등학교간 학력 인증 및 학력 자격증 활용을 개선하기 위한 회의를 …
05-10 3705
The Kiwi Wine Boom
BUSAN, South Korea -- It’s no secret: wine is taking off in Korea. This witnessed by the swarm of international wine producers vying for an ever-increasing market that at one time devoted little if any shelf …
05-03 4248
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