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Working for Dulwich College here in Seoul presents a unique …
My name is Marcus Sherwood and I am currently the Head of Primary at Dulwich College Seoul, a British International School in Banpo, Seochu-gu. I am here with my wife and two daughters and living with my family…
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The Cheeky Kiwi Bar - Mr Gerald Patena
Kia ora, My name is Gerard Patena and like many Kiwis who have found themselves on these shores. One is quick to adapt to the fast pace of life in Korea, especially Seoul or get left behind. The excitement o…
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Where is all the talent?
Where is all the talent? Challenges and Opportunity for foreign companies in Korea’s employment market. By Lukas Beech, Director of HR Service at Nowak & Partner In his latest book, “The Coming Job War…
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