The Cheeky Kiwi Bar - Mr Gerald Patena
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Kia ora,

My name is Gerard Patena and like many Kiwis who have found themselves on these shores. One is quick to adapt to the fast pace of life in Korea, especially Seoul or get left behind. The excitement of adventure, bright neon lights and all things new. Like a little boy let loose in a candy store, I found myself hungry to learn more about the Korean culture, the food and its people. Having come here to first work for a Korean company, I found myself hard at work and thinking to myself, do these people ever take a break. But for 5 years I learnt how the Korean work place functions and how important it is to go out after work with your colleagues and share in some good food and good banter. Now before I bore you all to tears with my life story, let me fast forward to the present. For the last 12 years I have had a dream of one day running my own bar. Having grown up in both the Hawkes Bay (Napier) and the Horowhenua (Levin), raised by an Irish, Maori, Scottish mother. It was only natural that I would one day find myself owning a bar.
Along with the support of my wife and our partners, we were able to open a Kiwi Bar in the heart of Seoul’s nightlife district of Sinchon.
We wanted to build a bar that felt Kiwi, that made you feel at home and that made you want to one day travel to New Zealand. So Cheeky Kiwi Bar was born and although we are just a small bar among the many expat bars in Korea. We are 100% Kiwi, from our large range of Monteith’s beers and ciders to the humble yet tasty Tui. Our great New Zealand wine range and Mana Shochu spirits to that Kiwi favourite of L&P.
Our menu includes some of the best Fish & Chips in Korea, served with fresh cut lemons and vinegar to taste. Plus try our Works Burger, that has everything you could imagine and more. It truly is a treat.
We also show all All Black, League and Cricket games live on our big screen. Plus other sports if you request it.
So if you find yourself in the neighbourhood of Sinchon or missing home. Why not stop by and try our kai/food and Kiwi drinks.

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